Karen C. Seto's picture Karen C. Seto
Associate Dean of Research
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Postdocs & Visitors
Christopher Bren d'Amour's picture Christopher Bren d'Amour
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests: GIS; urbanization and agricultural land loss; urban food consumption; food security; global land use change
Baohui Chai's picture Baohui Chai
Research Interests: Urban remote sensing; land cover change; satellite image time series; spatio-temporal analysis
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Meredith Reba's picture Meredith Reba
Research Associate
Research Interests: GIS; satellite remote sensing; urbanization and agricultural land loss; global change
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Sushant Banjara's picture Sushant Banjara
MESc Student
Corinne Grainger's picture Corinne Grainger
MESc Student
Kangning Huang's picture Kangning Huang
PhD Student
Research Interests: Extreme Heat Events; Urban Adaptation to Climate Change; Land Use/Cover Dynamics Modeling; Hydrological Modeling; Spatial Multi-objective Optimization; Data Assimilation; Remote Sensing Image Processing
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Xinyi Li's picture Xinyi Li
MESc Student
Bhartendu Pandey's picture Bhartendu Pandey
PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Urban infrastructure; inequality; global change; infectious disease epidemiology; systems modeling; satellite remote sensing
Chris Shughrue's picture Chris Shughrue
PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Global urbanization dynamics; urban networks; complex systems; simulation
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Rohan Simkin
Graduate School Student
Eleanor Stokes's picture Eleanor Stokes
PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Urban structure and infrastructure; climate mitigation and adaptation; satellite remote sensing; VIIRS nighttime lights; urban energy consumption
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