Recent Publications

  • The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Land Use Changes and Regional Planning in Developing-World Megacities: A Bangalore Case Study
    Margaret P. O'Mara; Karen C. Seto
  • Central versus local states: Which matters more in affecting China's urban growth?
    Qian Zhang; Jeremy Wallace; Xiangzheng Deng; Karen C. Seto
    Land Use Policy 38: 487-496, 2014
  • Can Night-Time Light Data Identify Typologies of Urbanization? A Global Assessment of Successes and Failures
    Qian Zhang; Karen C. Seto
    Remote Sensing 5(7): 3476-3494, 2013
  • Evidence of urban land teleconnections and impacts on hinterlands
    Burak Güneralp; Karen C. Seto; Mahesh Ramachandran