Anne Underhill

PhD, Professor of Anthropology, Curator, Peabody Museum

Kate Cooney

PhD, MSW, Senior Lecturer in Social Enterprise and Management, Yale School of Management

Gregory E. Sterling

PhD, MA, MA, The Reverend Henry L. Slack Dean and Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament, Yale Divinity School

Zachary Liscow

JD, PhD, Professor of Law, Yale Law School, Chief Economist, US Office of Management and Budget

David N. Schleicher

JD, M.Sc, Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Anika Singh Lemar

JD, Clinical Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Kenneth Gillingham

PhD, MS, Professor of Economics, Yale School of the Environment, Yale School of Management, Yale Economics Department, Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, Faculty Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research

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