Recent Publications

  • A comparison of nighttime lights data for urban energy research: Insights from scaling analysis in the US system of cities
    Michail Fragkias; José Lobo; Karen C. Seto
  • Associations between Greenness, Impervious Surface Area, and Nighttime Lights on Biomarkers of Vascular Aging in Chennai, India
    Kevin J. Lane; Eleanor C. Stokes; Karen C. Seto; Sadagopan Thanikachalam; Mohan Thanikachalam; Michelle L. Bell
  • Global scenarios of urban density and its impacts on building energy use through 2050
    Burak Güneralp; Yuyu Zhou; Diana Ürge-Vorsatz; Mukesh Gupta; Sha Yu; Pralit L. Patel; Michail Fragkias; Xiaoma Li; Karen C. Seto
  • Future urban land expansion and implications for global croplands
    Christopher Bren d’Amour; Femke Reitsma; Giovanni Baiocchi; Stephan Barthel; Burak Güneralp; Karl-Heinz Erb; Helmut Haberl; Felix Creutzig; Karen C. Seto
  • Sustainability in an urbanizing planet
    Karen C. Seto; Jay S. Golden; Marina Alberti; B. L. Turner
  • The importance of land governance for biodiversity conservation in an era of global urban expansion
    Chun-Wei Huang; Robert I. McDonald; Karen C. Seto
    Landscape and Urban Planning 173: 44 - 50, 2018