Recent Publications

  • Characterizing and measuring urban landscapes for sustainability
    Eleanor C. Stokes; Karen C. Seto
  • Systemic vulnerabilities of the global urban-industrial network to hazards
    Chris Shughrue; Karen C. Seto
  • Time series analysis of satellite data to characterize multiple land use transitions: a case study of urban growth and agricultural land loss in India
    Bhartendu Pandey; Qingling Zhang; Karen C. Seto
  • Tradeoffs in environmental and equity gains from job accessibility
    Eleanor C. Stokes; Karen C. Seto
  • City Unseen: New Visions of an Urban Planet
    Karen C. Seto; Meredith Reba
  • Carbon footprints of 13 000 cities
    Daniel Moran; Keiichiro Kanemoto; Magnus Jiborn; Richard Wood; Johannes Többen; Karen C. Seto
    Environmental Research Letters 13(6): 064041, 2018